Union City High School

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A Message for the Graduates from Mr. R. Lewis


Dear Graduates,

Let me begin by saying that it has been an extreme honor to have come to know, respect, and guide you this past year. You have enriched our school community, providing a legacy of spirit and pride that will forever serve to strengthen a foundation that defines quality high school education. Thank you for continually “working with me” as we strive to excel in creating a successful “home” for our students and staff. Thank you for being our partners at this high school and for showing the respect, dedication, and commitment to our building, staff, and initiatives that we strongly value. Thank you for the countless memories of pride, success, and humor you have given us all!

I am confident that you have attained the academic skills and knowledge you will need to become successful in life, regardless of the career and/or college path you will choose. I speak for all of us in this community when I say that you will forever have a home at Union City High School.

If I can offer any advise, it would be to stay focused on your goals. Avoid the distraction that life often brings, and stay committed to your future. Dream big and challenge yourself for a better tomorrow. Envision who you want to be in life and let nothing deter you from that path. Know that the decisions you make today have broader implications for your success tomorrow. Rely heavily on following strong role models of successful family and friends, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it, and work as diligently as you can towards achieving your goals. The road ahead may not be easy, but I promise you, that if you are committed, you can overcome any challenge you encounter.

Set your sights high and soar proudly into your future, soaring eagles, confident in knowing that you are ready for the next adventure! Continue to achieve greatness and make us proud!

As I reflect on my second year as principal of Union City High School, I will forever cherish the fond memories of all your accomplishments, achievements and recognitions that you have received throughout the year. I am truly humbled to call myself your principal.

Congratulations Class of 2017

Mr. Ryan Lewis Principal