Congratulations to JSA on Winning Big at the Fall State 2019 Debate Competition

Congratulations to the following JSA student members for their unprecedented 5 winning debates that took place over the weekend, November 16-17, 2019 during the Fall State in Iselin, NJ :

Sebastian S. with his winning gavel BLOCK ONE- Sebastian S.: Resolved, The message portrayed by plus-sized models is more detrimental to American society than beneficial.
Awni P. and his three winning gavelsBLOCK TWO- Awni P.: Resolved, that Imperialism positively impacted the Americas                                                                                    BLOCK THREE- Awni P.:  Resolved, A “right to carry” laws help prevent gun violence.                                                                                    BLOCK FOUR-Awni P.: Resolved, the Americas’ public education system effectively prepares students for life after high school.      

kevin A. and his winning maletAlso in BLOCK FOUR- Kevin A.: Resolved, The pursuit of policies that align with The Monroe Doctrine has always protected South American Nations.

Autumn H. with her winning maletBLOCK FIVE- Autumn H.: Resolved, The United States will collapse from within.

Each student won JSA Best Speaker and had their debated side (Pro/Con and Sub-Con) resolved in their favor at the JSA Fall State Debate on Sunday, November 15, 2019. 

Such successes would not be possible without the support of Ms. Chapman and the Club Advisor, Jeanne Baridon who along with co-advisor, Sofia Karanikolos and co-coach, Patrick Oriani, hold advisory meetings each week.