Congratulations to UCHS Junior States of America Debate Team on Winning 3 Best Speaker Awards at the Spring State Event

This past Saturday and Sunday, April 6th and 7th, the UCHS JSA Debate Team (Junior State of America) competed in the last competition for the season at the Spring State event held at the Hilton Parsippany.  
The JSA Debate Team (third time competing) won three best speakers awards at this Spring event.  The winners were:
JSA Speaker winners
Claudet M. (Senior) Resolved, public employees be required to pay fees to unions at their place of work even if they aren't union members.
Giancarlos C. (Senior) Resolved, the public should spend less time worry about politics.
Kevin A. (Sophomore) Resolved, the United States pursue diplomacy and eventual alliance with Islamic Republic of Iran
Also at the event: 
Awni P. was a speaker: Resolved, casual Friday be banned.
Rachel P. was a speaker: Resolved, and age limit be placed on presidential candidates.
Destiny C. was a moderator: Resolved, a sexual assault allegation be sufficient to remove a candidate from public office.
Melanie H. was a speaker: Resolved, impeaching Donald  Trump would create more problems than it would solve.
Emily V. was a speaker: There is no such thing as "human nature".
Diego R. was a moderator: Resolved, Jesus of Nazareth fulfills the messiah prophecies of the Old Testament.
JSA Secondary Speakers:  Erika C., Catherine J., Maria M., Ivanna R.,  Sebastian S. 
Congratulations on another successful year