Union City High School

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Parent/Guardian Workshops 2016-2017

The communication between Parent/Guardian and their children's school is a vital relationship.  To enhance and foster this friendship the Parent Liaison will be the guide on this journey, through information, events, and open communication.
La comunicación entre padres/tutor y escuelas es una relación vital. Para mejorar y fomentar esta amistad el enlace del padre será la guía en este viaje a través de información, eventos, y la comunicación abierta.
Workshop Date Workshop  Topic
October 19, 2016 Domestic Violence/Alcohol Drinking Under Age
November 17, 2016 FASFA
December 14, 2016 Dream Act
January 12, 2016 Financial Aid
February 7, 2016  
March 9, 2016 Sexual Harassment
April 6, 2016 Suicide Awareness